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We believe our custom patches speaks for itself.

Let's introduce some custom patches.
Custom Embroidered patches:The design is created on a fabric backing like twill or felt with thread stiching.This is traditional patch style.

Custom Woevn patches: If your design has a lot of detail or small lettering that you want to pop,I suggest you choose woven patches to achieve a clean,crisp,graphic style.Quite similar to embroidered patches,but the woven patches are softer and 'floppier' than regular patches.

Custom Printed patches: Printed patches look like a photo with a grower border.The high level of detail and endless color options available with this style make it picture perfect.

Custom Bullion patches: They are known for their shiny,wire stitching. Bullion patch is so classic that it is frequently called a crest. The hallmark of a bullion Patch is the wire stitching that adds shine to any design. Also, because of their unique materials, these patches have a 3-D appearance.

Custom PVC patches: PVC patches are a modern alternative to the more common embroidered patch. Made of a durable plastic, this patches is a great option for outdoor applications. They are naturally waterproof so your brand can be on display year round, even in the roughest and toughest environments.

Custom Chenille patches: These fuzzy,nostalgic patches give your design a bold yet classic look. A Letterman jacket wouldn't be the same without its chenille patches. But that is just the beginning. These fuzzy, nostalgic patches show more than achievement, they give your design a bold yet classy look that echoes your brand voice.