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How to choose a high-quality embroidered patch

Thickness of flat embroidery stitch


The thickness of flat embroidery stitch of low quality patches is 0.85 millimeter.


The thickness of flat embroidery stitch of mallpatches patches we make is 1.73 millimeter.

Embroidery 50% comparison


  • Trim outline manually, the edge has lousiness and is uneven
  • Font line not smooth, sparse stitch causes unclear pattern and lint
  • Low production cost, lack of refinement and layer of space

  • Use laser machine to trim, edge is flat and smooth
  • Font is neat and fluent, spacing is uniform and pattern clear and distinct
  • Beautiful pattern, sturctured space design and outstanding three-dimensional effect

Embroidery 75% comparison


  • Sparse stitching, exposed bottom and loose threads
  • Soft sides, skipping stitch when embroidering
  • Easy to crease and deformable

  • Dense and compact stitching. threads full and textured
  • Neat and fluent when embroidering
  • Neat, flat and beautiful

Embroidery 100% comparison


  • Sparse in density and bottom exposed
  • Extra threads not cleared, seton and color mixture
  • Inappropriate stitiching caused deviation of embroidery

  • Uniform in density and strong three-dimensional sense
  • Inclusion-free and color-blending natural
  • Everything is correct and clear in general

Embroidery design comparsion


  • Trimming on the edge is not in place
  • Pattern details unprocessed, fuzzy and rough
  • Not enough respect for the author’s original idea

  • Letters are unclear and deformed
  • Sparse in density and bottom exposed
  • Pattern is unclear and lack of depth

  • Flat and smooth on the edge
  • Details oriented and the scale reasonable and beautiful
  • Respect for the author's original idea

  • Letters are correct and clear
  • High density in embroidery
  • Pattern is well structured and has a three-dimensional effect

Flat Embroidery Stitch


  • Edge outline too thick, matched proportion unreasonable
  • Incorrect edge color with wrong stitch position

  • Edge outlined properly and aesthetics improved
  • Correct edge color with right stitch position,clean and tidy

Art of Combination


  • Left and right asymmetric
  • Color is bright but monotonous

  • Left and right symmetric
  • Rich color, reasonable and beautiful combination

Art of Designers


  • Stitching treading is not correct
  • Letters are rough and thread residue not trimmed
  • Not skilled designer

  • Outline not trimmed smoothly, redundance exists
  • Thread residue not trimmed, letters not clear
  • Middle pattern pretty rough and hard to distinguish

  • Embroidery density sparse and bottom exposed
  • Flat embroidery stitching caused white dots
  • Pattern is dull and rigid

  • Stitching is smooth and flat
  • Letters are neat and clear
  • Skilled designer

  • Trimming  fits and neat
  • Neat and clear
  • Pattern is refined and beautiful

  • Embroidery density full and three-dimensional effect outstanding
  • Flat embroidery stitching quite smooth
  • Pattern is vivid and visual

Wool Yarn and Hair Felt


  • Spares in stiching and bottom exposed
  • Thread residue not trimmed completely, embroidery threads loose
  • Fabric easy to crease, deform and ladder

  • Clear outline
  • Embroidery threads dense, solid and firm
  • Three-dimensional effect and textured

Back Processing


  • Under layer not cleared
  • Thread residue not trimmed
  • Not ironed at all

  • Under layer cleared
  • Thread residue clearly trimmed
  • Ironed-on effect applied

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