History of patches


Patches symbolize honor and bloodline in the history of Europe. Almost all top-grade luxury goods and private mansions use patches as a symbol of their families, which makes it the bloodline label followed by numerous nobles around the world. As patches stand for the social status of nobles, their existence is like a name card. From 17th to 19th century, English gentlemen were so obsessed that they even attached patches of the English Gentleman Club into their letters or notepapers, along with clothes full of embroidered badge patches (to identify themselves).

During 20th to 21st century, embroidered patches became a vital part for groups, clubs, companies and organizations around the world, including Harley Davidson motorcycle patches, Police patches, Military patches and Scouts patches. Besides, a lot of label patches, 3D patches and name patches have been used in all kinds of company brands, outdoor products and sports goods. Mall Patches provides you various embroidery patches, you can find the desired patches from our products or contact us for more patch types.