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We will email you the price list via email: Please keep our email in you email list.

  • How long can I receive the quote? Normally you can get the price in 10 minutes, but sometimes it will be in 6 hours for the time difference. We will design your patch once you accept the price. Unlimited edits until 100% satisfaction.
  • How long can I see the design? We will design for you as long as your receive our price and require for the design. You can see your design in 24 hours or less normally will be in 6 hours.
  • What if haven’t receive the quote? If you haven’t receive our price list please call us or leave us a message submit your country, phone number, and name. We will instant call back.
  • What to do for urgent quotes?If your quote is urgent leave us a message, we will instant call back.
  • About the price. Please notice that all the price is rush order price shipping via UPS, FEDEX, TNT. You can save up to $20 for slow delivery.

If you haven’t receive our design within 24 hours, please direct email us for your design on